As of 10th June 2020, we (along with Sol-Sol) are committing to actively join the fight to work against systemic racism in the way in which we run our business. 

This action also signals the start of a dialogue on improving BIPOC lives in the South African Fashion Industry. We don't have all the words, all the knowledge or all the ideas, but we do have a plan of action. 

We actively invite everybody in our industry to reflect on their role in the industry, and engage with us and become part of a movement for greater good. 

Daniel Sher -

Mathew Kieser -


27 June 2020 - Why We Deleted Our Black Tiles on Instagram:


24 July 2020 - Organizations That We Support

Food Flow - An organization that uses donor funding to purchase from small scale food producers to feed communities across South Africa. 

The Woodstock & Salt River Community Upluiftment Project (WSCUP) - Founded a few years ago by Woodstock local, Eddie Thompson, The Upliftment Project is a passionate community-based informal initiative in Woodstock (Cape Town), located within a 5km radius of our factory floor. Their aim is to elevate people in the neighbourhood to their next level of self-sufficiency by valuing local informal trade and skills development, providing assistance where possible, and nurturing connections between neighbours and informal traders for mutually beneficial exchanges. The Upliftment Project presents us with an opportunity to assist a black owned and lead initiative. Beyond this first contribution, we are in discussions with Eddie to determine how we could continue to support them moving forwards.


29 July 2020 - Last week we collaborated with Chris Auret to release a series of t-shirts, prints & original artworks which aimed at celebrating the pangolin and bat. 

It has been brought to our attention that our words, accompanied by the artworks of these two specific animals, are problematic and offensive towards Chinese & East Asian people. 

It is in the generalized nature of our statement, left open to ambiguity, as well as the choice of the two featured animals (and by not including additional animals such as cows, chickens, pigs etc) that we acknowledge our insensitivity towards the Chinese & East Asian community and the xenophobic & racist struggles they are currently facing as a result of Covid-19.

We accept full responsibility for the hurt that our actions may have caused for these & any other people, and for that we are truly sorry. 

Our intention was a small attempt to improve the reputation of these 2 animals, and for the animals to be a symbol for reclaiming responsibility for mainstream excessive consumption, poor trade ethics and unsustainable  eating habits all around the world.

We are thankful to the people in our community who engaged with us on this topic, and who have challenged us to broaden our awareness.We will be pulling the products off our website, and in so doing we will be discontinuing the sales of these products.

Daniel & Chris